Snapseed: Easy Mobile Photo Editing

Your mobile device has a built-in photo editor, but if you want a more-powerful photo editing tool at your fingertips try the Snapseed app.

aNewDomain.TV — The Smartphone Photographers Community swears by the power of Snapseed when it comes to editing photographs on mobile devices. Sometimes the brightness or contrast will need an adjustment after you snap your photo. That’s an easy fix with Snapseed. Sometimes you may need to alter a specific area in your photograph. That’s an easy fix, too.

Check out today’s video demonstration of how easy it is to use Snapseed for mobile photography editing. You can get Snapseed on iOS or Android.

Video: Ant Pruitt for aNewDomainTV

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  • […] I love using Snapseed on my mobile devices. It’s a versatile app that allows you to pick granular editing options for your mobile photos. Look at the detail Van Dyke was able to enhance in the hills and clouds with Snapseed. Beautiful color and contrast. Love the shot, sir! Be sure to check out Patrick’s other photos on his Instagram page and Google+ profile. If you want a chance to show off your favorite HTC mobile photo shared here on BreakingModern‘s #EyewitnessPhoto, shoot me an email via, or tag me on Twitter or Google+. Be sure to mention the HTC camera you used as well as any editing that was done. Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to my Smartphone Photographers YouTube playlist if you like these photos. For BMod, I’m Ant Pruitt. Featured Image: Patrick Van Dyke Disclaimer: HTC and aNewDomain Media co-produce this site, and its editors and writers are paid accordingly. […]