How to Shoot Skylines with Smartphones: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

If you ever wanted to learn how to shoot a great black and skyline, stop now. It’s Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt. Brady Glenn wins the smartphone pic challenge this week … gorgeous. — When someone mentions the term skyline to you, all sorts of images come to mind. Tall buildings. Mountain ranges. The line of sight off a whaler. Everyone has his or her mental skyline in mind.  In this week’s  episode of my show Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt, I once again called upon my Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+ and challenged it to come up with gorgeous smartphone skyline shots. And they had to be black and white. Find the show below, complete with a discussion on the methods each photographer used. It’s amazing how processing in black and white will transform a photo.

This week’s panel includesRobert Knight, Deborah Walmer-Basembe, Michael King, Kenneth Lee, Michael Portis, Robyn Saunders, Alice Saunders, Mike Sweeney and Michelle A. Thorns. And the winning shot from this week’s challenge came from Brady Glenn of PixelCorps.


Image credit:  Brady Glenn for

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