Liquid Photography: Point and Shoot with Ant Pruitt

Check out the creative snapshots in this week’s “Point and Shoot with our Ant Pruitt. The Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+ meets each week to share tips, tricks and, of course, great photos taken with their smartphones. — What a great collection of photos submitted by the Smartphone Photographers Community. This week our Ant Pruitt chats on the weekly Google Hangout On Air dubbed “Point and Shoot” with fellow Smartphone Photographers Community members Deborah Walmer-Basembe, Michael King, Michael Portis and Mike Sweeney.

The community challenge this time was dubbed liquid photography. Taking shots around this theme led to some beautiful and creative photos. Check out the winning shot from Mike Sweeney taken with his iPhone 4S.


Image credit: Mike Sweeney for MS Media

As usual, the community discussed thoughts on several shots shared over the week as well as apps used in the process. This week’s featured app is Perfect Pic on iOS. Perfect Pic allows you to grab a great photo from a video you’ve captured on your iPhone.

If you’re curious about joining the Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+, ping Ant Pruitt directly. Here’s this week’s video coverage of Point and Shoot, syndicated right here on aNewDomain!

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