How to Shoot Forced Perspective Smartphone Photos: Ant Pruitt’s Point And Shoot

Here’s how to take forced perspective photos — a challenge for any photographer — on your smartphone. It’s Ant Pruitt and his show, Point and Show, captured here on his regular Google+ Hangout. — Have you ever seen someone grab the sun with his or her bare hands? Imagine a Lego man strolling city streets. On this week’s episode of Point and Shoot, my  Smartphone Photographers Community on Google+ panel lets you make the seemingly impossible look possible. It’s all via the photographic technique of forced perspective. Here’s how to use the technique of forced perspective in your smartphone photos.

It’s Point and Shoot, where Ant Pruitt’s smartphone photographer community hangs out to discuss tips, tricks and share photos based on the weekly photo challenge. Forced perspective is the challenge of the moment.

This week the show features: DeborahWalmer-Basembe, Robert Knight, Kenneth Lee, Michael King and Alice Saunders.

Here’s an example of a forced perspective photo I really love.



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It’s Point and Shoot here at I’m Ant Pruitt.