Google Android Chief Andy Rubin Steps Away, RIP Google Reader: Yet Another Tech Show

It’s Yet Another Tech Show — this week’s news is Google-centric. Andy Rubin steps away from Google Android chief post and Google kills Google Reader. What’s the world coming to? YATs with our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt, Larry Press …  –  Google Android chief Andy Rubin is stepping away from his post, making way for Google Chrome VP Sundar Pichai to take over the reigns with Android. What’s your favorite RSS reader? You’d better find one that isn’t Google Reader. Google announced plans to shut down Google Reader — it’ll be gone in July. Check out these stories and more on Yet Another Tech Show, with our host Mat Lee, plus aNewDomain’s Larry Press and Ant Pruitt. Also on the air this week —Mike Boudet.

Yet Another Tech Show