Amazon’s Bezos Buys the Washington Post, Moto X Fights Back: Yet Another Tech Show

Have a Kindle? Think there’s more digital news coming your way from the Bezos Washington Post purchase? Also, the Moto X phone fights back to earn the respect of the Android faithful. These stories and more on on this week’s YATS, Yet Another Tech Show. — What do you think is up Jeff Bezos’ sleeve? The Amazon chief recently purchased the Washington Post, yes the Washington Post, for a lot less money than what Facebook purchased Instagram for. Is Bezos thinking of pushing more digital content to Kindle owners?

What about the geek uproar over the Motorola X phone? The dual core CPU, 720p display and average camera didn’t sit well with the hard core Android geeks. This may be the phone for the average consumer but not the ubergeek, right? Time will tell.

This week on Yet Another Tech Show, our Mat Lee, Ant Pruitt, Mike Rothman, Larry Press, Richard Hay and Chris Miller sit down and chat about the latest tech and most-interesting tech discussions of the week. It’s been a busy week. Not only were the Bezos and Motorola stories notable, but Richard Hay showed off his Chromecast media streaming device. You’ll have to check out the video coverage of the show to see it in action.

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