Happy Birthday Android, Android Memories: Attack of the Androids Episode 100

Five years of Android. What has it meant to the mobile device market? Do you remember your first experience with Android? This week Attack of the Androids looks back at how far Android has gone as well as share some favorite Android memories.

aNewDomain.net — Happy birthday to the open mobile operating system known as Android. It’s only been five years but the OS has grown tremendously. This is episode 100 of Attack of the Androids here on aNewDomain. Our Mat Lee, Jeremy Lesniak, Eric Finkenbiner, Seth Heringer, Ant Pruitt and Richard Hay talk about their first experiences with Android as well as look back at some of the changes in the OS. Nick Carroll also shares his thoughts and experiences with Android of late.

Another top story includes the look at the Oppo N1 mobile phone. The phone is loaded with great hardware, but also has an interesting camera that swivels on an axis. Which carriers will get this phone when it launches in the U.S.? Probably not Verizon Wireless. Be sure to listen for the cool app picks shared by the panel, too.

Enjoy the 100th episode of Attack of the Androids! What are some of your first memories of Android? Leave us a comment below with your stories.

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