YouTube MOOC, Two Factor Security: Yet Another Tech Show YATS

Everything you thought you knew but maybe didn’t consider about out of band two-factor authentication. It’s Yet Another Tech Show. And it rocks. Hosted by our Mat Lee, its home is here at — This week on Yet Another Tech Show the panel looks at the intricacies of proper security for your networked computers and mobile devices. Sure, there are tools to help keep your network and mobile devices secure. But there could be just as many anti-measures to combat any security measure you take.

This week George Waller of StrikeForce Technologies joins the YATS panel to discuss out-of-band two-factor security and its advantages.

Also on YATs, YouTube announces online courses for making your YouTube channel even better. Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you need to make it better? Check out the MOOC YouTube offers and let us know if you think it’s worthwhile.

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