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John C. Dvorak on Google Glasses: A Joke and a Legal Nightmare

Google Glass is merely an elaborate hoax Google founders are perpetrating, says our John C. Dvorak. Either that, or Google is going to be in a lot of legal hot water. Check out the shower photo +Robert Scoble posted of himself wearing the glasses. Dvorak suggests that Google now owns a naked photo of Scoble […]

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You Don’t Have to Be a Brain Surgeon to Read This Post …

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist … or a brain surgeon. … to read this post at or, Here’s the video of the week. Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent it in to congratulate us on our Linux Foss site launch. You definitely need to be a geek to […]

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On Skynet, Human Extinction: Oxford Prof Fears For Future of Humanity– An international team of scientists, mathematicians and philosophers at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute¬†did a geeky deep dive into what is most likely to make the human race extinct and where we should focus our attention just in order to stay alive. What’s most likely to kill us? Tech. As in Sci-Fi scary […]

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