Star Wars Day 2013 May the Fourth Be With You: Videos, Trivia

May the Fourth be with you, people. May 4 2013 is Star Wars Day 2013. Find videos, trivia, infographics and other bizarre things from our Star Wars collective here at — May 4th is Star Wars Day 2013 — as in, you know: May the Fourth be with you? Ha. For the occasion, we’re starting a collection of cool Star Wars trivia, Star Wars vs. Star Trek infographics, Star Wars parodies and other videos.

Star Wars Day officially began, at least according to the Wookieepedia, when late UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s party took out a newspaper ad in 1979 that read: May the Fourth be with you …

With that, let’s get started. First check this out. It’s the 19 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Wars infographic. I thought I knew everything about Star Wars, but I never knew Luke’s original name was Luke Skykiller. Go figure. I did know there is an official church dedicated to Jediism, though.

Below the fold check out whether technological superiority goes to Star Wars or Star Trek.


Where does true technological superiority lie — among the tech in Star Wars or Star Trek? This is an age-old debate and a great comparison. Some say the distinction of whether you’re a nerd or a geek lies in whether you’re more into Star Wars or Star Trek.

Have you ever seen this Star Wars pinterest board? There are definitely a lot out there — this is one of my favorites.

I am a big fan of parody videos — this Star Wars parody from 2008 won’t match all tastes, but if you’re twisted enough … parental guidance suggested.

source: StarDestroyer12345 YouTube channel


  • Gina, this is some very cool trivia for the next cocktail party. As someone who has seen all of the Star Wars saga, I found this info very interesting. Thanks for posting it, and “May the Force be with you…..Always.”

  • Thank you Matthew. Send me some cool links if you have stuff to add to this story.