Who is Leonhardo Euler? Euler’s Number and Euler’s Constant Make Google Doodle, Songs

Written by Gina Smith

Today’s Google Doodle honors one of the best mathematicians ever. There are two numbers– Euler’s Constant and Euler’s Number — named for Leonhardo Euler.

aNewDomain.net — His isn’t a household name, not exactly. But today’s GoogleDoodle focusing on the 306th birthday of great mathematician Leonhardo Euler and creator of the Euler’s Constant and Number e won’t hurt his cause. And it will make the constants sound a lot better to a lot of people — music-wise, anyway.

Born April 15, 1707 in Basel, Switzerland — the fact that April 15 is also tax day in the United States is mere coincidence — Euler created a lot of the modern math notation and terms you know well if you majored in math. And studied.

That’s especially true if you dug in deep with geometry, trigonometry, algebra infinitesimal calculus, lunar theory and continuum physics.  If that’s the case, Euler is no stranger to you.

leonahrdo euler googledoodle

Three out of three math websites agree. Euler is the  first and perhaps the only mathematician that has not one but two numbers beating his name: Those numbers are the Euler’s Number in calculus — call it e –that is just about equal to 2.71828 — and the Euler-Mascheroni Constant. The latter one, best known as Euler’s Constant, is approximated generally at .57721.

I looked up these numbers up at some of my favorite math sites and on YouTube and came up with some amazing stuff on both Euler’s Number (e) and Euler’s Constant (sometimes referred to by a gamma symbol). I came up with great stuff. So Happy Euler Day. Forget taxes. Listen to Euler’s number and constant embedded in videos below and distract yourself. Heck, sing along.

Here is a musical representation of Euler’s number ‘e.’ It’s a base 10 melody in a major scale … below that is a musical representation, with lyrics and all, of Euler’s constant.

Source: Alan Inocensio

And here’s Euler’s constant to music, lyrics and all. It’s the 2.71828183 — number e song — by Daniel Wedge.

Source: Daniel Wedge

Image credit for above: Google Doodle as displayed on Google U.S. homepage on April 15, 2013