Google Kills YouTube: YouTube Selects a Winner, Launches Google Nose

Written by Gina Smith — Google says it’s time to put YouTube out to pasture. Google announces YouTube was all just a big contest — and it has selected a winner, after which it will retire a service. Google kills YouTube, sending it the way of Google Reader. Would you ever believe it?

Gotcha. It’s the latest April Fool’s day joke from Google. Click here to see the whole lot of them. It’s April Fool’s Day 2013. I rounded up a bunch of Google April Fools videos and gags from yore for you here. Today on April Fools Day 2013, Google is also unleashing Google Nose. Scroll below the fold.

Source: Google YouTube Channel

Also for April Fools Day 2013 Google introduced Google Nose.

Just call it somniferous. Search for smells with Google’s new scentified database. What does a new car smell like? Google Nose. LOL.

Video: Google

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