Trey Ratcliff Photo of the Day: Sheep Says Baaaaah

Written by Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff photo of the day for April 17, 2013. Sheep says Baaaaah. After more than a year in NZ, our Trey Ratcliff still feels like a tourist — and is taking jaw-dropping photos of … sheep. Bah : ) — Our featured world photographer Trey Ratcliff, the photo maestro over at StuckInCustoms, moved from his home in Texas all the way to New Zealand just a bit less than a year ago. But he still feels like a tourist. Here’s his Sheep Says Baaaaah photo — it’s the Trey Ratcliff photo of the day for April 17, 2013. His comments below.

April 17 2013-Trey-Ratcliff-New-Zealand, photo of the day

Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff for Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff for

Trey writes:

I know I sound like a total tourist, but I still like watching sheep. Maybe (that’s) because I’ve lived here less than a year. Sheep kind of move around like lilypads on a pond — in kind of a random way. Every now and then they line up and run to one area or another. Random drifting. It’s fun for me to catch the random drifting and try to compose something interesting. As more and more sheep enter the frame, it cranks up the degree of difficulty. Like Olympic diving!”

If you ever wondered what sheep and Olympic diving had in common, now you know.