Podcast Management That Rocks: BeyondPod for Android

Our Jeremy Lesniak reviews BeyondPod for Android. He says podcast management just doesn’t get any finer. Here’s why.

aNewDomain.net – I recently settled on BeyondPod as my go-to podcast management tool. I’ve been an avid podcast subscriber for years. I usually listen to podcasts while I drive. So I need a highly functional, easy-to-use podcast manager. Here’s why BeyondPod for Android is my favorite solution right now.


The best thing about BeyondPod for Android is that it is completely customizable. That’s not a capability most podcast management systems have. BeyondPod for Android lets you enable rules for nearly any event. For example, you’re able to set it to automatically remove episodes from your playlist once you’ve listened to them. Or set it to automatically delete them from the device when you’re done.

BeyondPod for Android downloads new episodes more reliably than any other app I’ve tried. It allows you to suppress display of episodes you’ve already heard. And it’ll let you create custom categories for your favorite shows and choose category-specific options for them. It also integrates sharing and easy playlist manipulation.

Think of BeyondPod as the executive assistant of podcast managers. Available on Android only, it will stream episodes so you’ll save some space on your device. The latest version offers native support for Jelly Bean and it will also run on not-so-current devices —  all the way back to Android 2.2

Here’s another screenshot of my This Week In Tech podcast list …


The first download comes as a seven-day trial with full-feature access, but after that point you’ll have to purchase an unlock key for $6.99 …

If you’re serious about your podcasts, BeyondPod really is worth the nominal fee. Of all the podcast managers I’ve tried, it’s the best of the bunch. Hands down. Download Beyond Pod for Android — the free and the pay versions — at Google Play.

Image credits: Jeremy Lesniak