aNewDomain Selects: How Linux is Built Video, Linux 101

Written by Gina Smith

This How Linux is Built video, based on data from The Linux Foundation, is my pick this week as’s top video selection. I just get a lot of Linux questions from people. Not that I mind answering the same basic questions over and over and over, but I don’t mind sending them to this short and sweet video, either. Check it out. — How many times a week — or day — do mainstream, non-geek types ask you the what, how and why questions that always seem to pop up around the topic of Linux? I get such grilling constantly.  The big one, as the Talking Heads famously asked, is: How did (we) get here?

Based on a report by The Linux Foundation — and now visible on its YouTube channel — this short vid is full of detail as to the ins and outs of Linux tech, background and stats. Explain in 10 words or less why Twitter, Facebook and Amazon are Linux based. This video does. Check it out.

Video source: The Linux Foundation

We featured this piece here on the unplugged version of our forthcoming Linux news, views and reviews media site, For, I’m Gina Smith. Find more information at The Linux Foundation’s site or at

Image Source: How Linux is Built video, via The Linux Foundation

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