You Don’t Have to Be a Brain Surgeon to Read This Post …

Written by Gina Smith

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist … or a brain surgeon. … to read this post at or, Here’s the video of the week. Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent it in to congratulate us on our Linux Foss site launch. You definitely need to be a geek to read posts over there : )

or a rocket scientist, either. Though we do have a few on our list, we try to keep them out of our cocktail parties : ) Laughing out loud at the brain surgeon versus rocket scientist video below, which is a clip from a popular BBC Two show called That Mitchell & Webb Look. An anonymous reader sent it in — ostensibly in honor of our geeky and sparkly new Linux and FOSS site, Great find.

Are you a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist — or do you just act like one?

Video via: BBC, from That Mitchell & Webb Look, Series 3 – BBC Two

Read more on That Mitchell & Webb Look here. And that’s the video of the week from … it’s Tuesday, April 30, 2013, and I’m Gina Smith.