Hedge Fund Hedges 2 Billion on Microsoft, Netflix Bests HBO: Tech NOW

Written by Gina Smith

A hedge fund buys 2B in Microsoft stock and MS stock jumped 3 percent. Meanwhile, Netflix jumps 26 percent on news that it has more US customers than HBO.

aNewDomain.net — It’s Tech Now for April 23, 2013. A hedge fund manager told Wall Street Monday recently that his company had purchased 2B in Microsoft stock. It’s not hedging its bets, he said, but betting that Microsoft is undervalued. The stock jumped 3.5 percent in after hours trading at the news. Netflix investors were far happier customers with the release of the 1Q reports. Turns out its viewership in the United States now surpasses that of HBO. Details below — plus some info on the new $11.99 Netflix multiple streaming deal.