Yet Another Tech Show: Facebook AutoPlay, Google Glass Explorer, More

It’s Yet Another Tech Show w/ anewdomain’s Mat Lee, Larry Press, Chris Miller, Ant Pruitt and Richard Hay. On Google Glass Explorer and FB AutoPlay ads … — It’s Yet Another Tech Show — the video version — episode 51.  This week the panel includes host Mat Lee, plus our Mike RothmanLarry Press,  Ant PruittChris Miller and Richard Hay.

In the news and on our minds this week: Facebook’s proposed autoplay video ad strategy for your feed. Interested parties will pay around $1 million to promote their products.  Will Facebook members want a full screen video ad intruding on their feeds? Twitter also will be introducing video ads, but there’s a slight difference. The video will appear in a tweet.

And why are manufacturers releasing products with security vulnerabilities? Even WiFi routers have issues with security. Everyone knows about wireless routers that have exploitable holes. Mat shares a WiFi router hacking story this week.

Also in the news, Microsoft is putting two-factor authentication on its software and services. About time!  Google and Apple have demonstrated how useful this feature is. It really does protect you.

Google Glass (explorer editions) are now getting into people’s hands. Our friend, Robert Scoble, received one and shares his thoughts in an audio file. Version one will be quite a mess. But the idea will evolve into something amazing, we agree.

Did you hear the ACLU is now stepping in to look at the Android security issues? Who’s at fault here? OEMs and cell carriers, one. Why do cell carriers sometimes block operating system versions? Bloatware … maybe.

Larry posted on his blog a study around open data and economics. It details analysis on fact tracking. If the data is closed, many analysis presented to boards, committees or even consumers would just be opinions. This is basically forcing researchers to “show their work.” A good thing? You tell us.

Larry also shares a list of top 10 Presidential science initiatives. The Internet is right up there. Great topic and talk.

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