The Environmental Impact of Video Games, infographic

Are gamers gaming the planet? The environmental impact of video games — by the numbers — will blow your mind. Who knew? An infographic you won’t easily forget. — It turns out gamers are gaming the planet. This data blew our collective mind over here at anewdomain and Check out this infographic. It examines the environmental impact of video games, courtesy BigFishGames.

This is something few gamers ever consider. But look at the numbers. Just looking at Nintendo equipment alone, you’ve got 6 billion pounds of equipment — the equivalent, this graphic study reports, of the material you’d find in the 5.555 Statues of Liberty. Did you ever consider the environmental impact of video games?

You probably think all gets recycled. Not so. UPDATE: Here’s our guide to recycling electronics.

Nintendo alone would need 1,400 plus years to recycle that amount of material. Holy cow.



  • just a thought… they have half dipped into digital gaming… and it led to paying for all of the expansions and add-ons and bonus content. I agree the gaming community should be more environment friendly, and could be. Let’s just not bastardize the practice. I’m not saying you’re promoting it at all… just my two cents. I’m tired of shelling out a few extra bucks just to wish the days of even Spyro were back without being exploited.

  • Yurr, this is true, but it’s not the only industry. In truth we’re fucking up the planet and heading for a major crash. It’s already too late, and even if it wasn’t humans wouldn’t stop.