Reverse Lookup for Android: Freeware Friday

Written by Jeremy Lesniak

Do you screen calls? Avoid unknown callers like malaria? Reverse Lookup for Android is freeware that beats similar online systems in functionality and its in-app capabilities set it apart from the rest of the pack. Our Jeremy Lesniak, a ruthless call screener selects Reverse Lookup for Android as this week’s Freeware Friday pick. Nice. – Reverse Lookup for Android is a simple app that couldn’t be more straightforward. It runs a reverse lookup on unknown phone numbers in your call log. Used to be, only reporters and cops did that. Who just called? Dispense with the mystery. Reverse Lookup for Android makes the process easier, faster and more portable than even the best online systems I’ve found out there.

That’s why it’s my pick for this week’s Freeware Friday.

It’s been possible since the mid 1990s to look up and reverse look up phone numbers online. And you could do it for a decade or more before that using specialized systems with telcos.  But online, you often face ads or annoying pay walls. Across the board and compared what’s available online, Reverse Lookup for Android does a better job of tracking down numbers you’d have a harder, slower time getting to with other systems. Better still, it lets you run an in-app search of a number while on the road. Just copy and paste the number from Reverse Lookup for Android into your browser and you’re done. A time save for sure.

Like most systems, this app won’t pull data from mobile numbers. But this app, available for Android only for now, is pretty terrific in overall functionality, especially when you consider the alternatives online. I’ve used it for years now. And that’s saying a lot, given my picky tastes.

Reverse Lookup Android App

Reverse Lookup for Android is stable, lightweight and delivers on its promises plus some. The free app is ad-supported — but the ads are not too intrusive. If you just can’t abide them, there’s a paid version for $1.99 at Google Play.

There’s no Apple iOS version at this writing, but Android users will find it a must-have. If you’re like me and hardly ever answer calls from unknown numbers — a ruthless call screener — Reverse Lookup is for you. That’s why it my choice this week for freeware Friday. Have a great weekend.

For, I’m Jeremy Lesniak.