On Mozilla Firefox 20, In Window Private Browsing: Tech Now, Gina Smith

Written by Gina Smith

Check out Mozilla’s latest rev of Firefox — it’s Firefox 20, as detailed on Tech Now w Gina Smith for April 2-3, 2013. It includes at least two big new features — in-window private browsing is one. A new download manager is notable, too. Send me text or a video with your take on it. It’s Tech Now with Gina Smith. aNewDomain.net and Marc Klempf production.

aNewDomain.net — It’s not just another typically frenetic Firefox rev. Rather, Mozilla on Tuesday shipped Mozilla Firefox 20 with a handful of significant new features. This completed a process it began with its FTP installers Monday. Mozilla Firefox 20 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, via Google Play, is rolling out now.

The new rev does more than just bring along typical  bug fixes and performance enhancements. It also includes a new Download Manager, the ability to disengage hanging plug-ins separately and, at last, in-window browsing. That last feature, if Mozilla implemented it the right way, will be the money. Watch aNewDomain.net for a complete review. In just a minute and a half below, here are the high points as I see them.

video: Gina Smith for aNewDomain.net

Glad to be back with Tech Now. Thanks to my Emmy Winning producer and old friend Marc Klempf for getting this show going on again — and with such fanfare, too.