Towering Medieval Hotel: Trey Ratcliff Photo of the Day

Written by Gina Smith

Trey Ratcliff snapped this beautiful shot at Mont Saint Michel, an island off the coast of Normandy. It’s Trey Ratcliff on — Here’s the photo of the day for April 2, 2013. It’s from our globetrotting world travel photographer, Trey Ratcliff. He calls it the Towering Medieval Hotel. Scroll below for his take on it. Find all of Trey’s photos, shows and apps at his

Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff

I shot this in the village of Mont Saint Michel. Maybe Europeans find this kind of architecture to be quaint and banal. But I like it. And I feel happy whenever I see buildings in this style.

This hotel in Mont Saint Michel is one of very few hotels that are tightly woven into the old walled complex of the city. It looks like it is right out of Skyrim, doesn’t it?