Unterganging Dubstep: Hitler Gangnam Style (parody video)

Written by Puching Zhang

You’ve seen Hitler parodies for sure. Bet you’ve never seen a dubstep — or a dubstep version of Hitler Ranting. Here’s Hitler Gangnam Style. Thanks to Fegelein Puching Zhang for this special to anewdomain.net. Watch him join the team, soon, with more of this untergangish nuttiness.

Ed note: aNewDomain has posted Hitler parody videos around tech topics in the past. As always, we want to remind readers that this is parody — a cultural meme — and in no way minimizes the huge loss of life during World War II in Europe and elsewhere as a result of the historic Adolph Hitler’s role in the murder of millions of European Jews, Roma and other peoples.

aNewDomain.net ¬†parody video syndicate¬†— Hitler parodies are huge. They’re all over the place online. But no one I know about has ever created a dubstep version. Check out this Hitler Gangnam Style video. There’s actually a whole subsegment of Hitler parodies, known as Unterganging, kind of a bastardization of the German word for Unterganger, which means downfall in German. That refers to the downfall of the historic German leader who terrorized and murdered millions in the mid 20th century — but is derided as a parody Internet-wide now.

Video source: Rockadell YouTube Channel

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