Author - Tom Sloan

Tom Sloan Cartoon: Losing it

Losing something can be annoying, even maddening. Here's a strip by Tom Sloan on losing something a bit larger than, say, your glasses.

Tom Sloan: Self-Driving Car?

So, what are we in for when Google comes out with self-driving cars? I don’t know. But I wonder if they'll be programmed to drive like real humans.

Tom Sloan Cartoon: Don’t Fall

Historically speaking, falls are not fun but they happen. Think of King Kong, or the Roman Empire. Tom Sloan's cartoon on flying and falling.

Tom Sloan Cartoon: Moore’s Law

People break laws all the time. Besides some natural laws that are immutable like the law of gravity, there's Moore's Law which to date has not been...

Tom Sloan Cartoon: Carbon Nanotubes

Not from the planet Krypton, the strongest thing here on earth is a carbon nanotube -- a cylinder made out of carbon where the walls are only one...