Tom Sloan Cartoon: Losing it

Written by Tom Sloan

Losing something can be annoying, even maddening. Here’s a strip by Tom Sloan on losing something a bit larger than, say, your glasses. — Losing something can be annoying. Losing something important can be maddening. More than once we’ve all uttered this phrase, “Where are my keys?!” A colder case of lost items inspired this:

byte cartoon 11 deceased telephone lost something

What’d you lose, exactly?

Here’s one for you: One dark and stormy night, there was a policeman who saw a man crawling along the ground under a lone streetlight. He asked him what he was doing. The man replied that he lost his keys. “Where did you lose them?” the policeman asked. The man said, “Over there,” as he pointed down the street. Puzzled, the policeman asked, “So why are you looking here if the keys are over there?” The man responded, “Because there’s no light down there.”

Fortunately for us, we will probably find our missing keys. Most of the time when something is lost it’s really just misplaced. Re-tracing your steps is a good way to find where the missing item is. But that only works if the misplacement was very recent. What about looking for something you used over a year ago? Re-tracing your steps might prove difficult and time consuming. People have used hypnosis to recall a loss when it’s really critical.

Or, what about dropping your cell phone over the bank of a river? It isn’t exactly “lost.” You know right where it is, but you’ll never get it back. Once, I was picking raspberries in a nearby field and tripped and fell. I lost my glasses. I could not find them because I couldn’t see anything past two feet. I had to enlist the aid of a friend with 20/20 to help look for them.

Why is it when you finally find the missing item, it is always in the LAST place you look? The solution to that is simple. After you looked everywhere and finally find whatever was missing, keep on looking. That way it won’t be in the last place you looked.

For, I’m Tom Sloan.