Tom Sloan Cartoon: A Tale of Two Inventors

Written by Tom Sloan

Many innovative products were invented by two inventors. For example, it took a pair of Steves to give us the Apple computer. — Word association: If I say “screw,” the first word you say is “Archimedes.”

I’m sure you do. This is a clean website. Archimedes invented the screw. So there. Many  inventions are credited to just one person. The cotton gin? Eli Whitney. The steam engine? Robert Fulton. But there are so many inventions invented by the brains of more than one person … read more of my musings below my cartoon on two inventors below.

Cartoon by Tom Sloan

Cartoon by Tom Sloan

Take for example the television set. It would be a rather large complicated paperweight if someone did not invent electricity to power it. Did you ever think that Henry Ford’s Model Ts would still be sitting in the Ford dealer showrooms if another person hadn’t invented gasoline? A lot of books were published by Simon AND Schuster. I guess one did the even number pages and the other did the odd. ENIAC, the first  true computer, was conjured up by two men named Eckert and Mauchly. And of course, it took a pair of Steves to give us Apple.

Are there any other famous inventors who collaborated on innovative products? What about Hewlett Packard, Procter and Gamble, Briggs and Stratton, or Abbott and Costello? The next time you look at something, take a moment to honor the one or two people who dedicated their entire lives to make your life a lot more bearable than how a caveman lived.

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  • Don’t forget the entrepreneurs. Morse was far from the first to create an electronic telegraph, but he got a grant to install an intercity line; Edison (inventor and entrepreneur) built Edison Electric; Gates did not invent operating systems, compilers, spreadsheets, etc., but he built Microsoft and a stable platform for developers; Jobs did not invent the GUI, but he delivered it to a mass market, etc. etc.