Beatles 50th Anniversary in US: Meet the Geekles!

Written by Tom Sloan

Today we celebrate the Beatles 50th anniversary — the band hit U.S. shores on Feb. 7, 1964. But were the Beatles geeks? Meet the Geekles! — On February 7, 1964, the Beatles first hit American shores. They arrived at JFK International Airport in New York City and were greeted by more than 3,000 screaming teens. Two days later, they made history when they captured 70 million viewers on The Ed Sullivan Show. Were they geeks? You bet they were.


Image credit: Tom Sloan

Fifty years ago, Ed Sullivan was a big name. The names John, Paul, George, and Ringo were even bigger. Put them all together and the world of rock ‘n’ roll would never be the same. More women fainted than in all of the previous 64 years of the 20th century put together.

Lucky for me, my mom and sister did not faint. Neither did I.

But were the Beatles geeks? In one interview — viewable here — Ringo says he’d be an engineer if he couldn’t be a rock star. We didn’t really have computer geeks then, but we of course had engineers. But mix geeks and rock stars and what do you get? The Geekles! The cartoon above is my tribute to the Beatles 50th anniversary in the U.S.
For, I’m Tom Sloan.
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