Tom Sloan Cartoon: A New Pi

Written by Tom Sloan

Was the old value of pi wrong? What if it’s recalculated and found to be different? Tom Sloan muses. — In honor of March 14th, (3-14-14) I made the most fascinating new discovery. The number we know as pi, 3.1415 … is wrong. For centuries mathematical formulas have been using pi to calculate innumerable problems. All wrong! The value of pi is actually 3.142. It may not seem like much of a difference, but the consequences can be enormous.

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Cartoon by Tom Sloan

The basic formula of a circle, circumference equals pi times diameter, would cause the most impact. Water would be saved from better fitting, non-leaking pipes. Coins won’t jam in vending machines. Tire diameters causing mis-measured miles on the odometer would alter the actual fuel economy a car gets. The difference translates into hundreds of millions of barrels of oil a year. Calculating areas of land masses would show thousands of unaccounted acres per square mile. It is no wonder that areas like the Middle East have been fighting over land for so many years. The re-calculation of pi was actually a quite simple process. I took an old kickball. Cut it in half. Then, using a nice new ruler, I measured it really, really carefully. I did it twice to be absolutely sure there were no errors. I mailed my discovery to Congress and the president. They must have ordered further research to be done because I am still waiting for their responses.

Check out the Pi Day infographic.

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