Tom Sloan Cartoon: The Greatest Invention

tom sloan cartoon the greatest invention featured
Written by Tom Sloan

What is the greatest invention? It’s pretty clear. At least Tom Sloan thinks it’s pretty clear. What goes around comes around, right? Check it out. — What is the greatest invention ever? Sliced bread? Some would argue that point. Maybe television, the light bulb, computers or the airplane. Others might say decaffeinated coffee. All great, but where would we be without the wheel? It’s so simple. It’s just something that is round and rotates. How simple can it be?!

tom sloan cartoon the greatest invention

Physics tells us that a wheel is an infinite lever. The axle is the fulcrum and the rim is the other part. We cannot go one day in this world without using something that is based on some sort of rotating part. Doorknobs, clock gears, disk players, fans, lawn mowers, power tools, elevators and can openers are just a few handy devices that use the principal of the wheel. I pity the poor caveman who did not collect any royalties on his universal invention. Perhaps by tracing back through the family tree, his descendant might be able to put a claim in. Don’t forget, what goes around, comes around.

For, I’m Tom Sloan.