Tom Sloan Cartoon: What Does a Computer Smell Like?

Written by Tom Sloan

Everybody loves the smell of a brand new car. Tom Sloan wonders: Is there a new computer smell, too? — When you are in a new car you know it. There is that can’t-miss new car smell. Now take that car and drive through an industrial area and what do you get? Fume-y, chemically, oily smells. But, it’s not all hopeless. There are a few areas where the industrial smells aren’t bad at all. Some can be really good. A drive down Route 1 in Philadelphia will take you past the Nabisco plant. Ahh … fresh crackers!

Another mile down the road is Whitman Chocolates. What a delicious stretch of road. Not far away is the Tasty Cake Baking Company. More yummy smells! The south side of Philidelphia has the old Seagram’s distillery. It doesn’t smell like booze, but it has a very unique savory aroma that could have been sold just as it is. After a drive like that, a person could gain 3,000 calories on the smells alone.

Which brings me to wonder what does a computer smell like? Anyone?

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For, I’m Tom Sloan.

Tom Sloan has drawn cartoons and illustrations for numerous publications — including the original BYTE magazine. Not limited to print, Tom’s cartoons and collages are displayed in museums and galleries throughout the United States. He’s also an accomplished animator. He’s created animations for such clients as Sesame Street, HBO, Nickelodeon, Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, Burger King and McDonalds.