Tom Sloan Cartoon: Back In the Day

Written by Tom Sloan

The U.S is full of immigrants with hard-won professions. And yet their jobs here can be, well, simple. Check the cartoon by Tom Sloan. — America is the land of hope. It’s been that way for centuries. Even now, the country is a land of possibilities. Foreigners have been flocking here since Columbus. (Yes, that’s a joke). See the cartoon below:

We still get the huddled masses — those who have a dream but little technical expertise. But we also get highly educated, skilled and professional people. It has become commonplace to see immigrants¬†who¬†are doctors or engineers in their home country come to the U.S. and leave those careers behind. Instead, they might end up being a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker. They still have hope, but in time it fades. For various reasons, sometimes companies do not want to hire these hard working, highly credentialed people.

Take note the next time you are at a restaurant … think, “what did this waiter do before this?”

For, I’m Tom Sloan.