Tom Sloan Cartoon: The History of Memory

Tom Sloan History of Memory Panel
Written by Tom Sloan

Computers sure use a lot of memory today. Remember when a byte was a revolution? How the times have changed. Tom Sloan’s History of Memory cartoon, here. — What good is a computer that has no memory? No memory means no room to store stuff. And computers certainly have a lot of stuff these days. The history of memory sure is fascinating.

Tom Sloan Cartoon History of Memory

Back when older computers came with a very limited amount of memory, programs were written as tight and efficient as possible. It was amazing the programs that people wrote with such limitations.

Now that memory is cheap and abundant, programmers go hog wild with their inefficiency. The original Pong game took up less than 2K of RAM. Now, a Pong app is 10MB. I’ll admit the graphics are better but does it have to use 9,998,000 more bytes? Sure!

It’s easy to see why. Memory has gotten so cheap and so fast and so efficient, it’s hard not to write anything that wastes gobs of it. Memory is as good as free. Hippies had “free love,” now it’s “free ram.” Not an exact trade, but hey, lets use as much of that memory as we can.

For, I’m Tom Sloan.

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