Tom Sloan Cartoon: The End of Light Bulbs

Written by Tom Sloan

In the latest Tom Sloan cartoon, Tom ponders what do we buy when there are no more light bulbs?

aNewDomain — The age of lightbulbs is soon to be behind us. In this┬álatest Tom Sloan cartoon, Tom ponders the future of light.

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In 1878 Thomas Edison invented the first decent working light source. His basic light bulb design is still in use today. It is similar to a vacuum tube — only brighter. But its use is being squeezed out by longer lasting, higher efficiency light “bulbs.”

There are arc lights, lime lights, neon, florescent, mercury, sodium, halogen lights. Legislation passed in 2007 is phasing out the use of inefficient light bulbs. This is not just in the United States. Countries worldwide are restricting light bulbs. Newer compact florescent lights and even more so, LED lights, are longer lasting and have a far greater lumens to watt ratio. Many regular light bulbs are still available but not as abundant as they once were.

Save one as a future antique so our descendants will ask, “What’s a light bulb?”

For aNewDomain, I’m Tom Sloan.