Tom Sloan Cartoon: Factory Warnings

Tom Sloan Cartoon Factory Warnings
Written by Tom Sloan

Always check the factory warnings on any new product you buy. You might learn something. And not kill yourself in the process. — The other day my hot water heater sprang a leak and I had to get a new one. Water was all over the basement. Lucky for me all my good junk was already off the floor.

Tom Sloan Cartoon Factory WarningsThe old water heater had a thermostat on the outside and was set to 120 degrees. The new one had the thermostat under a panel. I wanted to see what it was set to. I looked in the owner’s manual to see what was recommended. It was factory set to 120, which was also as low as it goes. Fine.

But what was funny was this: the dial goes all the way up to 150. The manual describes 154 as hot enough to cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns within one second of skin contact. Thanks for the warning! It’s nice to know that overkill is option. I’m glad I checked the factory warnings!

Tom Sloan Cartoon Factory Warnings

If I made a toy, it would probably go like this (factory warnings included, of course):

Tom Sloan Cartoon Factory Warnings

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