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Web-based Temp Agency Gigwalk Provides Flexible and Inexpensive Labor for Entrepreneurs — Gigwalk, a web-based temp agency, assists businesses by providing labor for small tasks. The company says their labor force can work in a variety of fields, including the audit of retail locations, market research and demo-ing of a product. The service currently focuses on digital skills and flexibility, and uses Android support in the pipeline. In […]

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David Michaelis: On PRISM Slides, From Woz to Assange, Questioning Authority Cross Gen

Here’s our global editor David Michaelis with more insights on the FBI NSA PRISM scandal. The urge to question authority appears to be returning — from 60-something figures like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to’s Julian Assange and PRISM leaker Edward Snowden, we’re looking at a geeky, cross generational movement.

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Ted Rall PRISM Takeaway: Are We Citizens or Serfs? Should Obama Resign? commentary

In this fiery column, Ted Rall says PRISM is the biggest story in our lives. Are we citizens or serfs? Should Obama resign? And what of the tech companies? Ted Rall, a nationally syndicated columnist, political cartoonist and veteran war correspondent for The Village Voice, writes this fiery and penetrating analysis for Here’s why, […]

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