Top Engaged Channels on YouTube infographic

Written by Gina Smith

This blew my mind. Here are the top engaged channels on YouTube. The top 25. Their numbers are what the networks used to drool over. — About 15 years ago, I was in a newsroom in New York when  a top producer predicted that the obscure corner of the news universe I covered for it — the Internet — was a threat to the future of the network. Even I found that hard to imagine. But then guess who the top engaged channels on YouTube are now?

Fast forward 15 years. Look at these numbers in the below infographic, provided by SiMULTV. You don’t see the monolothic media companies of yore leading viewer engagement. You see comics, gamers and obscure parody artists in the forefront. The following is a treat and a wild ride for anyone who had to teach their producers on a major U.S. nightly news television show how to send an email. I am not kidding.

While I pause to consider that, take a look at the Top 25 Engaged Channels on YouTube infographic. Thanks to our Ant Pruitt for turning me on to this, by way of VentureBeat.