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 aNewDomain.net — The NSA story does not  move citizens and politicians to a reawakening about the rights for privacy protection. Although  in a hearing in the House this week , some questions were raised about the patriot act.
The US’s National Security Agency, the electronic eavesdropping body, has disclosed that its telephone and internet data collection is far greater than previously known in the face of unusually sharp congressional questioning. NSA actually said that they check people 2 or 5 hoops away from the main suspect. Which is a very wide net of network
connections. but even the NSA says that  “Ashton B. Carter, the deputy secretary of defense, said the conditions that allowed Mr. Snowden to download and remove data without detection amounted to “a failure to defend our own networks. It was not an outsider hacking in, but an insider,” he said. from NYT 22/7/2013.
UPDATE- Wednesday  the United States Congress voted- a 12-vote margin to reject a bill to DE-FUND a major NSA program. Amazing coalition of left-wing and right-wing civil libertarians

The a funding bill amendment tomorrow that would cut off money for the country’s National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct mass surveillance of the public without a warrant.The amendment to the Defence Appropriations Bill, which allocates funding for armed forces and intelligence activities, was proposed by Republican representative Justin Amash and four others.In summary, it “ends authority for the blanket collection of records under the Patriot Act. Bars the NSA and other agencies from using Section 215 of the Patriot Act to collect records, including telephone call records, that pertain to persons who are not subject to an investigation under Section 215”.

Americans do not seem to understand the depth of the Meta data. The point is that 99% of Americans were not aware of PRISM till a month ago. What you do not know will not hurt you?. It is not about “We do not listen to your calls”…as NSA former officials remind us. They say that the phone Meta Data is only the tip of the ice berg, and that is the reason they resigned from the NSA.

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credit http://www.aclu.org/national-security/nsa-unchained-infographic

What are we talking about?
If we take Mr/Ms Smith, In 30 seconds NSA will and can create the following profile.
Food – all takeaway orders by phone.
Medical-  all hospital and medical insurance docs transmitted over fiber.. Maybe also DNA database.
Friends network e mail- see immersion tool of MIT. FB and other networks crossed checked for in depth mining.
Professional network -linkdin
Publishing- all web records
Parents- immigration records and FBI background checks.
Husband- wife -employment – network.
Movement- daily traffic habits from cell phone.
Banking- all ATM transaction-financial activity.
Sexual- what they watch on xxx sites.
Drinking – Credit bar /hotel transaction.
This will tell the gov all it needs to know before making you a “person of Interest”.  Unlike the German Stasi state the USA gov does not need  neighbors/wives/bosses to spy on you. Data mining at its best, will cross all the sources mentioned above and figure out how to handle you. Maybe blackmail you ?.
As Rebecca Solnit writes
“It turned out that we were doing both at once: erecting a massive electronic infrastructure that outpaces our ability to democratically manage it .” in a must read essay.
Read more: A Letter to Edward Snowden | The Nation http://www.thenation.com/article/175339/letter-edward-snowden#ixzz2ZRTTG7VQ

This is the result of the digital lives we all lead.We are handing the gov and corporations on a silver platter our exposed lives.
Our world today, is the result of our online lives as the trailer of the following new doc film makes clear.
Legally we approved it “Terms and Condition”  signed by all.
look at it here:

they attached a tounge in cheek questioneer

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