Father’s Day vs. Mother’s Day Infographic: Bummer for Daddy-o?

Written by aNewDomain Staff

It’s the Fathers Day vs Mothers Day infographic and Daddy-o is getting squat compared to mom. Don’t whine. Father’s Day is June 14. There’s still time to turn it around!.

aNewDomain.net — Father’s Day is coming up June 14, 2013. But if you’re hoping to cash in on the tech, tablets and toys Mom did, we’ve got bad news for you. Check out this Father’s Day vs. Mother’s Day infographic, courtesy┬ávisual.ly. Looks like you’re dragging behind, gift-wise, Dad. It’s not too late to turn your act around and start sucking up to the kids, though. Save yourself while there’s still time.

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Infographic credit: Visual.ly