RIP Google Reader Infographics, Reactions, Analysis (all coverage)

Written by Mike Olsen

Mourning Google Reader? Here’s all our coverage for you — news, analysis, video, graphics, parodies and options to explore. RIP Google Reader. aNewDomain — As Google Reader shutters, leaving miserable and grieving readers in its wake, we at decided to give it a proper burial with this all-coverage piece.

Scroll below to check out the best commentary, coverage, videos, How To galleries, analysis and other editorial we’ve got for you. RIP Google Reader. Wish you could live long and prosper, but then there’s the existential reality …

When Google in March announced it was killing Google Reader this summer, our Mike Olsen responded with some practical advice — RIP Google Reader: Feedly, Netvibes to Mend Your Broken Heart.

Update: Mike also published news and analysis regarding Feedly Cloud and Digg’s new service to fill the gap, as announced today, June 19, 2013

Our columnist Paul Bonner was enraged and disappointed. He wrote and we posted his controversial piece, called Go To Hell, Google, and Take Google Reader With You.

Our ever talented artist and copy chief, Madison Andrews, was so inspired and, we assume, dismayed by the news, that she launched our new infographics business with this The History of RSS infographic.

Infographic credit: Madison Andrews with Mat Lee, an original infographic



Image of Shebbear Devon gravestone: Wikimedia Commons re Simon Garboot

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