NBA Finals 2013: San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat infographic, Heat Wins Game 6 in OT

Written by Gina Smith

No spoilers here, but the San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat game is a nail biter. Check out this Spurs vs. Miami Heat infographic. Geek numbers galore. This is the kind of thing you’ll expect to see a lot of on aNewDomainSports, coming soon … — Check out this Miami Heat infographic. It’s Miami Heat vs San Antonio spurs for geeks.

UPDATE GAME SIX: A thriller. 103 Miami Heat to 100 Spurs. In overtime. Best game ever. Can’t wait until game seven. I am awed by these two teams.

Check out this Miami Heat vs San Antonio spurs infographic. There was no Miami Heat back when I lived down there. Sure glad the team is there now. I’m proud. ┬áHere’s the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Miami Heat infographic, courtesy GMANews.


Disclosure: This writer was an on-air correspondent who worked for Good Morning America on ABC News for six years. Gina has no current relationship with ABC, ESPN or the creation of this infographic. She does have a lot of ties in Miami, though.