White House Report on Patent Trolls: Report, Video Here

Written by Gina Smith

The White House report on patent trolls pains a grim picture of the damage so-called PAEs are doing to U.S. and global innovation. UC Hastings prof Robin Feldman and our patent expert, IP attorney Tom Ewing, contributed years of research that figures heavily in this damning report. Read it in full here.

aNewDomain.net — The White House has released its report on so-called patent assertion entities (PAEs), more derisively known in the tech world as patent trolls. Read the White House report on patent trolls below. Find a video below the fold and beneath that. Also posted today, that’s a Washington Legal Foundation-sponsored video debate between an Intellectual Ventures rep and our patent expert, the internationally renowned IP attorney Tom Ewing. The topic was the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice ongoing inquiries into such patent assertion entities as the billion dollar IV and what the FTC could do or would do about it.

Our Tom Ewing, who coined the term “patent privateering,” wrote a letter to President Barack Obama that the DOJ included on its site, where it has been gathering public comment on whether and how the FTC, DOJ and other agencies should regulate trolling activities. Find it here at aNewDomain.net. Ewing and Feldman’s work on patent trolls is well considered in this report from the White House on patent trolls, embedded below.

To get an idea of how shadowy the world of patent privateering is, check out this piece on Personal Audio, LLC, the company that is suing podcasters and claims to own the technology. We found out who really is behind it.

White House Patent Troll Report by Gina Smith Scribd account

The White House report — the Patent Assertion and U.S. Innovation Report — heavily cites the investigations of UC Hastings prof Robin Feldman. In her study, she found that almost 60 percent of patents now are filed by “patent monetization entities,” more commonly known as “patent trolls,”  according to a UC Hastings release.

Says the release from Hastings:

Widely regarded as a major problem in the U.S. patent law system, “patent trolls” are entities whose primary focus is deriving income from licensing and litigating patents. This new study analyzes data from five years’ worth of patent litigation and concludes that patent trolls are indeed a significant obstacle to a well-functioning patent law system …  The America Invents Act 500 Expanded: Effects of Patent Monetization Entities on US Litigation” is now publicly available ..”

UPDATE JUNE 4, 2013: Here’s our Tom Ewing and a rep from billion dollar patent assertion entity Intellectual Ventures in a debate re the FTC DOJ inquiry into patent trolls. This posted June 4, 2013. The Washington Legal Foundation, generally considered to be a conservative view, held the event in Washington D.C. last week and reps and execs from IV were well represented.

Credit: Washington Legal Foundation YouTube Channel

We’ll be digging into the White House report on patent trolls and welcome your comments. Developing …