Luxury Technology Show: McLaren 12c Spider, True Tech Roadster

Written by Alfred Poor

McLaren isn’t just a Formula One race car company. It’s developed cutting-edge car tech. It shows in the McLaren 12c Spider. Here’s Alfred Poor with analysis and video from the floor of the Luxury Technology Show in New York. — You probably know McLaren as a world-famous maker of Formula One race cars. Or for some of its amazing street-legal sports cars. What you may not know – and what I learned at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City – is that McLaren is a cutting-edge technology company to the extreme. Oh, and its newest 12c Spider roadster is Android based.

McLaren was the first to use carbon fiber composites in race car bodies. Its engineers also developed proprietary software to control many of the high-tech control systems used in McLaren vehicles. For example, the latest 12c Spider has a 616 horsepower V8 engine, but its twin turbos and sophisticated engine management systems deliver an astonishing 22 mpg fuel economy on the highway.

That’s about what I get in my much less exciting compact sports ute …

In my aNewDomainTV interview with McLaren exec Warren Trunz, below, you’ll find out more about this great technology story, including how the McLaren has an Android-driven center console control panel.

Video: Alfred Poor for aNewDomain/shooter Al Green and exec producer for aNewDomainTV

McLaren cars are speedy, for sure. But they are also already way out in front in terms of technology before they even shift into first gear.

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