4 Ways Technology is Transforming Work

Technology has always changed the world of work. Even before the Industrial Revolution, innovations occurred that changed the way people approached the work they did. Hundreds of years earlier, scribes eventually found themselves out of work thanks to the printing press. However, in recent decades and even more so in recent years, those changes have been accelerating. From automating tedious tasks to performing tasks that are impossible for humans to making work more convenient or environmentally friendly, tech continues to shift what our work lives look like.

Electric Vehicles

The rise of electric vehicles has not just changed the landscape for private consumers but for businesses as well. Going electric with your fleet can bring several advantages, including lower fuel and maintenance costs, high performance and efficiency, and fewer emissions. You will need to understand the infrastructure of electric vehicles to make this switch, and you can read more about the costs of chargers, their installation, and all about charging networks.


Working from home is perhaps one of the biggest revolutions to occur in recent years, impacting not just individual workers and companies but the businesses that rely on them. Some cities are already grappling with how certain areas change and businesses struggle to survive without the usual footfall of office workers to buy daily coffees or lunches. It remains to be seen how sustainable large swathes of the workforce having spread out geographically will truly be, but it’s likely to continue at least in small pockets. The jury also remains out on how much this approach really improves the ability to stay organized at work as well as work-life balance. While some workers find that they love the flexibility of being able to go for a long run or pick up their kids in the middle of the day, others find the lack of boundaries between work and home life produce the feeling of never truly being off work.


If you’ve ever schlepped to the doctor’s office for a visit that didn’t require any clinical element and wondered why you just couldn’t have the same conversation over the phone, you’ll probably welcome the advent of telemedicine, which can allow these types of visits to happen without having to leave your home. There’s more to telemedicine than that, however. In some instances, it’s also possible to send routine readings to a doctor’s office, such as blood pressure. If you are a medical provider, telemedicine can allow you to reach people who live in more remote areas or who have difficulty leaving the home for other reasons.

Big Data

Businesses used to gather information from customers through a variety of means, including surveys, but the amount of data they can gather thanks to the internet and apps is enormous. In fact, it’s more than any human could process, but artificial intelligence can make some use of it. This means that if you’re a marketer, you have far more granular information than anyone in your position ever would have in the past, short of being a small-town merchant who knew every customer personally, about the preferences and behavior of your customers.