Sleep! How To Make Windows Stay Asleep All Night Long (tip)

Written by Brian Burgess

A cat jostles your mouse or keyboard and, boom, your sleeping Windows PC wakes up and stays up. Here’s How To make Windows stay asleep all night long. The latest How To tip from Brian Burgess. — It’s annoying. You set up Windows to sleep overnight so you save some power. Then you wake up to see it’s been running all night. Why did Windows turn the system back on? The usual culprit is the keyboard or mouse. If the mouse got jostled even a little bit — or your cat sat on the keyboard — the system turned back on. That’s why. But it’s easy to prevent such mishaps by following the process to change Windows settings below. Here’s How To stop your keyboard and mouse from waking up Windows — and How To make Windows stay asleep all night long. I’m your How To gallery captain Brian Burgess.

How To: Prevent Your Keyboard and Mouse from Waking Up Windows

To prevent either peripheral device from waking your PC, open Control Panel.

Select either Mouse or Keyboard. Here I’m showing the process using the mouse, but don’t worry, the steps are the same for the keyboard.


In the Properties screen that opens next, select the Hardware tab. Now click the Properties button.

Mouse Properties

Click Change settings.


Now click the Power Management tab and uncheck Allow this device to wake the computer. Click OK.

Power Management

The only caveat to this process is if you really do want to easily wake up Windows just by shaking the mouse or hitting a key. After you fix your settings as I show above, from now on you’ll need to press the Power button to wake up your Windows system.

That’s a minor inconvenience, but well worth it.

For, I’m the How To gallery captain Brian Burgess.

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