Luxury Technology Show: CleanCoating RSI PV Table Wows

Written by Alfred Poor

The RSI Solar Powered PV Table uses CleanCoating’s thin film photo-voltaic (PV) strips to capture light and turn it into power that’ll charge your phone. — Maybe someone special can light up your life, but here’s a conference table that can charge up your phone. And it’s all done with light. I’m talking about the RSI PV Table. It’s a huge and beautiful solar-powered table coated in CleanCoating’s photo-voltaic cells.

I checked it out while covering the posh Luxury Technology Show in New York recently. The RSI PV table is a metal and glass conference table that uses thin film photo-voltaic (PV) strips embedded in the glass to capture ambient light and turn it into electricity. Electricity that will charge up to 30 mobile devices for the people sitting around it in a meeting.

How does it work? The table has a bay that holds batteries and cable connectors so you’re able to plug in your phone or other mobile device to recharge it while you participate in your meeting, CleanCoating LLC’s president Michael Holbert told me. The PV material is based on a proprietary quantum-dot-enhanced design, he added. Find out more about this tech in my analysis video below the fold.

I should add that the RSI PV table with CleanCoating can be built as large as three meters — nearly 10 feet long. That’s a lot of table. The same glass panel can also be used as window material, generating electricity while admitting some light between the stripes. Hit the video interview I did at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City, below.

The net result of the the RSI Solar PV Table and its CleanCoating photo-voltaic tech embedded into its glass is this: When you sit at this high tech conference table, you might run out of energy. But your phone, tablet, and table won’t.

Editor’s note: RSI and CleanCoating were part of a raft of companies showing edgy autonomous building tech as part of the ISPBC collective display at the Luxury Technology Show. Click here for more on that tech.

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