John C. Dvorak: Today’s Agenda (No Agenda Show 602)

In his regular missive to listeners, aNewDomain co-founder John C. Dvorak tells you what to expect on today’s No Agenda 602. From discussions on Twitter in Turkey to shots fired in the Ukraine this weekend, it’s all here. The No Agenda Show with John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry is coming your way — today. —  Today is show 602. It’ll be a whopper. At the No Agenda Show, which I co-host with Adam Curry, we’re following what’s looking increasingly like a prelude to a shooting war in the Ukraine.

Also on today’s show, watch for the latest reports from O-bot dinner and  co-host Adam Curry’s most-recent encounter. It is always a winner.

And we’ll discuss the mistakes made in Turkey regarding the prime minister’s failed attempt to ban Twitter. Twitter. Of all things.

johncdvoraknoagendaThe regular news media, on the other hand, will be droning on as usual with more missing plane speculation and boring celebrity news …

And did you know there were Chinese in the Ukraine?  There is more to it than just that  — and none of it is a matter of discussion anywhere else except on No Agenda, which also runs here at aNewDomain and at aNewDomainTV, where you can check out last Thursday’s show.

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Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak

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Photo of John C Dvorak, credit: Gina Smith, all rights reserved.

aNewDomain co-founder John C. Dvorak is well known via his columns in PC Magazine and Dow Jones Marketwatch. He’s everybody’s favorite crank, always ready with news commentary that’s straight up and unfiltered. A national gold award winner for best online column from the American Business Editors Association two years in a row — and a featured regular guest analyst on CNBC — John C. Dvorak is one of the most respected business tech columnists, editors and authors in the trade. Find him here at aNewDomain and at the No Agenda Show with John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry.