COVID-19: Will the Coronavirus Break the Internet? [infographic]

covid-19 infographic internet
Written by Gina Smith

With half the world and two-thirds of the US on COVID-19 lockdown, Internet traffic is through the roof. This infographic has the upshot

Back in 1995, 3Com founder and Ethernet pioneer Bob Metcalfe predicted in Infoworld that security breaches and capacity overloads would cause the Internet to “go spectacularly supernova and collapse” sometime the following year. If it didn’t, Metcalfe promised to eat the column. Now, the Internet didn’t collapse, of course, and in fact Metcalfe did end up eating his words before an audience of tech journalists and vendors.

Fast forward 25 years:  Internet traffic is spiking like crazy now that half the world and three-quarters of the US are on lockdown due to Covid-19 fears. This infographic takes a long look at whether the Internet can handle the traffic and what we can do to lighten the load. Check it out below.

Will Coronavirus Break the Internet

Source: Computer Science Zone