TED 2014: NSA’s Richard Ledgett Responds to Edward Snowden [VIDEO]

Written by Gina Smith

NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett responds to Edward Snowden’s comments at TED 2014, saying that “arrogant” Snowden is risking American lives. Video here

aNewDomain.net — NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, now in political asylum in Russia, has been awfully vocal these last two weeks. At SXSW 2014 in Austin, he gave a talk to SXSW attendees in a Google hangout sponsored by the ACLU. Then he showed up via telepresence robot at TED 2014 in Vancouver in a speech titled “Here’s How We Take Back the Internet.” In it, he said “the biggest revelations are yet to come.” Check out that video below the fold.

TED head Chris Anderson told the crowd he’d welcome a comment from the NSA. And NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett responded. Via remote connection from the NSA’s Maryland offices, Ledgett called Snowden “arrogant” and accused him of risking national security. Here is the Richard Ledgett TED 2014 appearance, below.

Video source: Ted.com

Ledgett was responding to this Edward Snowden TED 2014 appearance, in which Edward Snowden made his “Taking the Internet Back” comments. View it below.

Video source: Ted.com

Click here for the full transcript of Edward Snowden’s talk at SXSW 2014.

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