What is Crypto Gaming?

Written by Brian Wallace

Crypto, or blockchain gaming, is set to revolutionize the gaming industry and is much different from the traditional gaming model in many ways. While regular games tend to use predatory in-game selling tactics for revenue, crypto gaming turns this model upside down and rewards players for playing. And we’re not talking about rewards that can only be used in games. Some games offer rewards that can be sold openly either for crypto or for fiat. Let’s take a closer look at what crypto gaming is specifically and how the model works.

Crypto Gaming Explained

If we’re talking about the pure gaming aspect, crypto games are pretty similar to regular games on the surface. But the blockchain adds a whole other dimension to gaming and can benefit players in different ways. The blockchain provides players with more safety and privacy. But more importantly, it allows assets earned in games to be moved through different games and even different blockchains. Assets can be moved from the game to in-game or off-game marketplaces and exchanges as well. This is how play-to-earn games allow players to earn crypto while playing.

Play-to-Earn Gaming Examples

There are quite a few great play-to-earn games on the market right now, but one that has gotten a lot of attention is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity allows you to control characters called “Axis” and move them through different quests. You can level up your Axie and sell it as an NFT on the game’s marketplace. You can also collect what is called “Smooth Love Potion” which can not only be exchanged in the game, but through different cryptocurrency exchanges, or earn AXS through battling, which is another cryptocurrency. 

Axie Infinity is hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain, so you can easily swap SLP for ETH. This means that you could play the game and earn rewards that can easily be converted into fiat. If you’d like to earn through the game and know exactly what you could expect to get in rewards in dollars, a site like OKX.com is a great place to check out.

Another way players can earn money through crypto gaming is by buying and selling real estate. Games like Decentraland and RobotEra are two examples of games that allow you to do just that. Decentraland in particular has been very successful at it with major companies like Adidas, Samsung, and JP Morgan buying land in the game. 

The Future of Crypto Gaming

Crypto gaming is getting a lot of attention from major gaming companies, but none of them have crypto gaming projects in the works. Epic Games, however, stated that they would be ready to work with early developers. This means that big players could eventually get into crypto gaming and bring all their expertise with them. Being able to earn money playing legitimate AAA games could completely transform gaming as we know it, and the popularity of these games could force other companies to get into the space as well.

Crypto gaming is very promising and a legitimate way to earn money playing video games. So, if you were previously skeptical about them, don’t be, and start looking at games you can try today.