Meet Demetrius Mandzych: Consumer Tech Editor at

Written by Joy Ma

Meet Demetrius Mandzych — a veteran game developer. He’s on our consumer tech and advocacy beat here at — Demetrius Mandzych is passionate about tech and has worked in game development, programming, graphic design, 3D modeling and photography. His interests are covering high-profile companies, their decisions and how they affect the consumer and the industry.

Demetrius Mandzych

Demetrius focuses on the mobile space as well as the effect of gaming, entertainment and tech on our lifestyles. His goal is to make people stronger consumers by bringing to light how companies that influence our consumption of technology can improve.

As a child he took apart his family’s Apple II GS and installed SCSI adapter cards. He rebuilt OS installations and even put together his own computers. He studied encryption implementations and algorithms. Starting at 12 years old, Demetrius regularly wrote to Nintendo of America execs, inquiring about the company’s business decisions. And Nintendo wrote him back — via snail mail.

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